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Trailer Tires

Trailer Tires in Dayton, OH

Shop trailer tires at Grismer Tire Company to save time and money. With convenient locations across southwestern Ohio, we're easily accessible when you need replacements. Our inventory includes popular brands like Carlisle and Westlake. All trailer tire prices are competitive, and our wide selection includes many sizes and load capacity ratings.

Call today to learn more about our current inventory, or get a price quote. We're proud to serve customers across Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, OH, and many surrounding areas.

Are Your Trailer Tires Still Good?

Most trailer tires should be up for replacement every 3 - 5 years regardless of tread. A bad ST tire can have adequate tread but no longer be safe due to oxidation and extended storage time. Trailer tires actually last longest when they're in frequent use, because an active trailer tire releases lubricants that extend tire life. 

Check your tires for cracks frequently and watch the inflation levels. If in doubt, ask one of our technicians to check your trailer tires out.

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Bias & Radial Tires Available

Explore your tire options at Grismer Tire Company. we have bias and radial trailer tires for sale depending on your use.

  • Bias-Ply Tires: Recommended for tough and rugged performance; feature durable sidewalls that resist punctures. Good for construction, agricultural, and some marine applications.
  • Radial Tires: Recommended for a smooth ride and extended life.

Depending on how much you haul and where you haul, you'll want a tire built for the job. Our staff is available if you have any questions about the best type of tire for your trailer.

Trailer Tires in Columbus, OH

Trailer Tires for Sale

Grismer Tire Company is the trailer tire dealer where you can complete your shopping in one simple trip. Whether you use a trailer for work or recreation, it's important to ride with safe tires that fit your trailer and carry the weight you need. Our selection of trailer tires includes options for:

  • Boat Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Camper Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • RV Trailers
  • Tractor Trailers

If you're not sure what you need, our staff is happy to assist. Just tell us what type of trailer you have and what you tow.

Affordable Prices on All Trailer Tires

When you're looking for affordable trailer tires with increased performance options and enhanced durability, visit Grismer Tire Company. We carry some of the highest quality brands from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.  Our prices are always competitive. Visit your nearest location today to get started.

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