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At Grismer Tire Company, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH and Cincinnati, OH. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Grismer Tire Company
Super attentive staff and excellent selection of tires. Most customer oriented location I've experienced in auto repair! Clean bathroom too!

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Thanks for the kind review. We appreciate your business.
Grismer Tire Company
took my car to this shop on recommendation from Dad. My Mercury Sable had a locked up caliper which overheated the rotor and damaged the wheel bearing. (wheel bearing was fixed later cause they missed it the first time) the car had that whup whup sound of warped rotor and shook with the sound. The car has 110,000 plus miles. So they replaced both rotors (recommended) with pads (both sides) flushed the oil fluid, and the one caliper (they wanted to do both as a recommendation) It came just shy of $800. I was shocked it seemed really expensive. But I needed the car back so .. then I found out the wheel bearing had locked up too so I had to go back.Grismer 'helped' me out when I was in a fix. Later My dad told me you need to learn to do brakes you could have done this. He later showed me on his car how to change this, brakes are easy the caliper was a little bit harder. Now I know and can save my self money just getting a little dirty.
Grismer Tire Company
I've always had GREAT service from Patrick and his team at the Miamisburg, Ohio Grismer location. They are my go to guys whenever I have automobile work that needs to be done!
Grismer Tire Company
Had several problems with AC in my truck. Some happened just days after worked on at Grismer. I have to say they go above and beyond to correct things and make things right. I highly recommend taking your vehicle there to be serviced. Cody Dickensheets the store manager is to be commended on taking care of my problems with my truck. Thanks for the wonderful service.
Grismer Tire Company
I have been bringing my cars to the Grismer on Springboro Pike for almost 4 years now. Each and everytime they get me in on time for my appointments, their work is beyond great, and all of the employees have excellent customer service! I have left each time as a happy customer. I will never take my cars anywhere else.
Showing 71-75 of 77 reviews
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