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At Grismer Tire Company, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH and Cincinnati, OH. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Grismer Tire Company
This is my second time coming to Grismer in Beavercreek and they have been great both times. They checked my brakes, physically showed me the brakes, and explained what was happing. Much more helpful and informative than other service shops I have been to in Beavercreek. Definitely coming back to them.
Grismer Tire Company
I didn't know this place existed and I live right behind this building. I stopped by for them to check the tire pressure on the tires of my car and I asked them if they could also check the brakes and give me a quote. I loved the price had them work on my car. These guys are friendly and honest. They even offered me ride home even though I live right behind the building. I will definitely go back to them and will recommend them to my friends.

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Thanks for giving us a chance to earn your business Lupe. We look forward to seeing you again for any of your tire or automotive needs.
Grismer Tire Company
took my car to this shop on recommendation from Dad. My Mercury Sable had a locked up caliper which overheated the rotor and damaged the wheel bearing. (wheel bearing was fixed later cause they missed it the first time) the car had that whup whup sound of warped rotor and shook with the sound. The car has 110,000 plus miles. So they replaced both rotors (recommended) with pads (both sides) flushed the oil fluid, and the one caliper (they wanted to do both as a recommendation) It came just shy of $800. I was shocked it seemed really expensive. But I needed the car back so .. then I found out the wheel bearing had locked up too so I had to go back.Grismer 'helped' me out when I was in a fix. Later My dad told me you need to learn to do brakes you could have done this. He later showed me on his car how to change this, brakes are easy the caliper was a little bit harder. Now I know and can save my self money just getting a little dirty.
Grismer Tire Company
They don't take customer. All the time staff member say we have to follow our policy. I mean what policy they are taking about if I paid $700. Last week I paid $700 for reair break and then when I drove my car it was fucking wawing. I couldn't drive on highway. When I complain about this that time staff say this is not our responsibility we can't take care of this u have to pay extra money for tire balance. So please don't go to this service center. They don't know how to take care customers. Thanks
Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews

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